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09.05.2014 20:33 - The World - this is the future
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The World

Milen Stoyanov

Could you imagine the world in which we are living like the world of your dreams, and these dreams are dreams of a better world, in which nothing of the world we are living at the moment exists, or is just history (myth - legend).

Can you imagine that you are living in a world of lies and illusions, that everything you thought to be true is something in which all people believe.  And if you see something, you shouldn’t see it, because you will become free, uncontrollable and unpredictable. You will live truly, without rules which do not make you happy but weak and limited.

Then you have two ways to show the world as it is to people, and to let them consider you crazy or believe you or just keep quiet and still let them consider you crazy - because you are quiet. It’s a matter of choice, both ways are difficult, just in the first one if you lose, you lose yourself, and if you win, a nation profits. And in the second way it’s just you who loses. In the effort to achieve truth and harmony in our lives, we collect the pieces of the puzzle which creates our souls and elevates us and turns us to searchers of something we have lost.

But no one knows what it is until we find it, and while searching for it, we do not have a moment’s peace of mind. Like something very important to us, which is invisible and incomprehensible, a treasure that is the source of our life. And while searching, we stop just when we think we"ve reached it, but then we come to understand that there is still something missing in the puzzle.

Until we find what we are born for on the right place and at the right time, we find ourselves in ourselves and the searching is over. But this is not the end, perhaps it is the beginning because finding yourself is like being reborn and now you know who you are. At least for now that"s enough , because there are so many other questions that are waiting for you to need to ask them while going through life and to understand - why? ..... Very small questions that all small boys and girls ask, and when they consider to be already in the adults’ world, they forget to ask questions because they already believe to know everything and to be able to give answers.

But alas, no one knows everything and how could anyone, for the duration of a human life, sort out the puzzle of the world, and win the big prize. I think nothing is impossible because life is relative, like time and money. Yes, money. How nice it is to have money. In fact how nice it is to have no money any more.

Could you imagine the world in which you are living like the world of your dreams, is there anyone who dreams of a world without money, well if you had asked me this question ten years ago I think my answer would have been a firm “No”. But now there is one person and that"s me.

We cannot imagine what a life without money would be but try to think of it and if you do not accept all this mockingly, I think you could even love it. Let"s see how we are living now, we have money, but we constantly complain that we don’t have money, we want money, but we do not ever have enough and it will never be enough, money is a dubious thing. What a nonsense, am I writing this, if it was ten years ago I would have hit myself on the hands.

How interesting, what is wrong with money, what"s the problem, why should we live without money? Well let"s look back at history and see what money has brought us and where it has taken the human race. What have we achieved in our lives through those things defining fashion, lifestyle, politics, business, wars and even infinitely many words linked with the word "money". Yes, for now we still know that we need it, we are happy when we have it and we are unhappy when we do not have a penny. Is this the world we want to live in and is this the way to measure the happiness of man. In this case, the happiest people that you can see on the streets have to be in the banks all the time.

Maybe that"s why banks are more than cafeterias and although their number is growing, people are becoming increasingly poor and miserable. Then where is the problem, if happiness is in money. Banks give out happiness! At least it is so in all TV ads, which are so beautiful that you want to have a credit card by each bank. There are banks that give you money for a nice house with a good interest rate, which will return to the bank three beautiful houses - how nice! And because you have to drive a nice car in which you can take your pretty wife for a ride, you will have the most beautiful life in the world, like in a movie. And just like in the movie you will lose your beautiful house and everything else if you do not feed the bank regularly.

Because banks grow but don’t get old, and thanks to your dreams, in an unexpected good situation for the bank of course, not for you, you remain unemployed. You remain like a tree without leaves. Like in a movie. It is bad when this movie is viewed from a full movie theater and all the viewers have paid for their tickets with their signatures.

Then you realize that not everything is money, my friend. And it’s not work either because work is also a topic for a deep unraveling, but it’s early for this now. I will only say that there is no perfect employee, as there is no perfect work, which does not mean we shouldn’t work, because as we know since kindergarten, who does not work, should not eat. So there comes the question: there will be no money but we will work - but how come?  .... I do not understand that. Just like the public sector is now full of people who take salaries and do nothing and people who do not know what rest is and still they do not know what money look like.

All this is ridiculous and should be changed, the entire monetary system is totally upside down. Let"s look back at history and see how banks worked before and how they work now, the difference is large, such aggression has never existed before. But for now, we are talking generalities. A lot can be said about the consequences but who knows what the reason is and where the roots of this evil, "money", are hidden. In fact, money is not a living being, just like the knife that is necessary and good for a housewife but it’s bad for a child because it could get cut, so knife is just a tool and money is just a means. Just do not let children play with knives and whom do we not give money to play with. Who is the biggest player with money besides banks? Answer number one, in America that is the Federal Reserve.

And if banks are moving and/or pulling the strings of governments and economies, then who is pulling the strings of banks? Well, think if you have a car and you drive it, if you crash, it"s not the car’s fault but the driver’s, so who controls the banks, who creates and manufactures – note, produces - a very interesting question children need to ask - who makes money? Do not rush to answer the children. All the money or most of it is virtual, just some numbers that roll on exchanges, only a few percent of the money in the world is real money. Money is an illusion.

But this is not the answer to the question, the bank of all banks is the Federal Reserve and the money that is printed is not gold secured, this is money with no value. How boring it is to talk about money, is it not time to get rid of it yet. But before this we can look a little deeper behind the curtain of the puppeteers of mankind. Let’s say that one person is behind the Federal Reserve, whose name we will not mention. Is this the root of everything? Definitely not, it"s just a part of the chain, backed by several thousand people who make our lives .... I do not know what word I should use so I"ll move on.

However, they and their families have everything you dream of and even things that you haven’t even dreamed of, surely in dreams there are impossible things too, so let"s say that these so called people have exactly such things, they have everything that a "materialist" wants – we need to emphasize it because it is important. We will not mistake to call them people, but also not all of them are human beings, if you know what I mean. Is it not time to stop thinking so naive that we are the only living creatures in the world and even to stupidly think of ourselves as of the highest form of life. Look around and think, is this the highest evolved form of life of the universe. Of course not, the world has not started with us and will not end with us, we are just a speck in infinity but that speck is priceless and very important for that infinity because it is a part of it.

The Universe is full of life and our lives on our suffering and ill Earth whose population now treats it like .... It"s hard to say because I do not have a word for this in my vocabulary. For this planet we are like parasites, which she wants to get rid of. How much damage have we caused to the Earth for this short period of several thousand years, not to say that people have done almost nothing for its protection and care; While arguing if the Earth is flat and finding out that it is not, of course, I do not know who gave us the idea to fool ourselves that the Earth is something that belongs to us. It is a living creature with consciousness, moving, even communicating with other planets and worlds and not only, but it is hollow, even though all educational systems consciously inculcate the theory of core, mantle and crust of the Earth.

This is not the discovery of fire by Prometheus, this is the naked truth that you learn in school, your children and your parents have studied and confirmed this to you, so that everything is as it is required to be, your knowledge should be only in the interest of the governments. The knowing and capable have never been loved because they prevent the system from controlling people’s minds that are kept in a half-awake state. How, through television of course, and many other ways; And here again a little girl is reaching out her hand and asking - why?

To be obedient, of course, everyone who is obedient receives a prize and everyone who has risen in power becomes more obedient because they receive bigger prizes. And if they ever thought they could change this world which definitely needs help, they start to like these prizes and do not want them to stop.

This is why nothing changes, only people change, they seemingly come and go, as I call them, they are just photos. And let’s answer the girl by telling her that it"s just for one thing - "money". How to explain to her that as soon as boys and girls become adults they want more toys and the system built on wishes, of which they become slaves, is associated with the banking system that loves to give "money".

People become slaves of money, they are willing to do anything for money and the worst thing is selling your soul to money, and if you realize that money is an illusion, you will understand that selling a real thing for something which is a fake is the biggest deal of the century. And how come your soul? You did not think that God is interested in money or religion, did you.

Spiritual people do not have to be religious to begin to worship money that is made by what is not God. Unless if you don’t know that you have a soul, and not only that, we all human beings are created and are spiritual creatures and besides the soul we have a spirit, too. The two things should not be mixed. Like a rim and a tire on a car. Both roll as karma. Don’t let this wheel of life look scary to you, we all come from somewhere and every incarnation gives us new life lessons about truth, love and harmony.

There are excellent students and not so good ones at the school called life, we all play a role of a brother, a son, a colleague, a friend, a father, a husband and many more that I will leave to your imagination. Has anybody ever imagined a world without money and what would it look like if you ever get rid of money or if it is at least real. Without elaborating on all the evil forces and negativity that cause misery by money, and all secret societies like the Freemasons and the Illuminati who have everything but your soul if you still have it.

Such a world would be a real story in which life would be better than ever, and most important, for all. In a world where everything is shared and all are one, problems will not exist because everyone will help one another and everything will be for everyone, and if we look beyond the spiritual aspect of things, we will go into the material one. The technical part in which everything created by man shall serve mankind, not vice versa; In this world, the goal and people’s life will not be related to daily work for money, but work for the good of humanity, care of our planet by making it a truly clean and beautiful world, without any manipulation in it, with which all governments ruthlessly and completely consciously cause pain to the Earth.

People will be only interested in their spirituality and prosperity. Consciousness will determine being, and not what we have become, some half-human beings whose mind is paralyzed by a sense of fear. And this makes us weak and easy to control, almost pathetic creatures, which sometimes makes me feel sick. Freedom must be complete, not only in economic aspect, but in all aspects of the word "freedom". A lot can be said about the Earth and its interior, for the other visible and invisible creatures, too. Also for all civilizations on it at the moment and those from the past, and those who are in the vast Universe created by God, by whom we all carry a particle, without exception.

There are many simple and easy ways to get rid of money and it is not so difficult or impossible unless you do not want it or unless you are of those who control the world and do not want to lose everything. We"re the ones who create their lifestyle and for them we are ... their property. All of the current artificial financial crisis and those from the past were very well dressed and masked for you and had one goal – to be profits for them. And why did they need this - believe me these are things that go beyond the most fantastic film.

These are grandiose projects, whose financing is paid by all the inhabitants of the planet with their struggle for life related to wars that were always just business as well as unemployment, illnesses and all forms of destruction of humanity and the planet with poisons. We have been living in a poisonous environment for a long time and we have been completely consciously poisoned in this new unilateral world war.

The food is poisoned, the water is poisoned, the land is contaminated, the air is also polluted. These are a few of the many factors for all diseases and short life. How many questions “why”! How much evil has penetrated and much of it is not material, not even earthly. The lack of money would make us free, but complete freedom is possible if we find our own strength within us. When we awaken our inner personal power within us that is in a dormant state, waiting for the moment to be awakened someday;  And when we open our seventh chakra and get our consciousness enlightened.

There are so many bright creatures in the world, many of whom were born enlightened like Indigo children as well as people who practice yoga, etc. But only a yoga can really awaken Kundalini and show you the gates of Paradise and connect you with the infinite energy of love. Right now the battle to maintain the balance of life in all its forms is the most intense, a battle at a very high level. History shows that each battle has casualties and in most cases those are the most innocent and those who do not understand what is happening and "why."

Let"s say that the monetary system is destroyed, it will not be the end of evil and it will not bring us complete freedom but it will be a huge step towards freedom and life will change entirely. Life without money means no army, no police, no banks, no governments, no borders, no institutions that work with money and power. The lack of money means that there is no need for power because what else is money if not power.

Each power is a fake of freedom, the only real thing is art. Of course, here come a number of questions, how do we work and live without money, what will the structure of such a world be. Do not be skeptical and capricious because there is a very bright and happy future in such a world for you and your families, so many limitations and problems will fall off. There will be no hospitals and pharmacies because they are a part of that system of wealth and control. There are many things that we should be freed of and that we are so strongly bound to, and knowing that they are bad, we have cowardly embraced them in the fear of the unknown.

Do not let fear be sucked into your consciousness like a virus that makes you a slave of the future, a future without color. Do you know how many ways there are to produce electricity and that they are not related to manipulation of the planet. We have the knowledge to get infinite, clean and totally free solar energy. Can’t we all, together, unite and install solar cells throughout the equator of the planet that will provide us with free electricity.
Forget about shale gas, this killer of humans and Nature, forget about oil and gas, coal and felling of forests.

Leave Nature alone, for God’s sake, it is not an infinite resource. The belief that only money matters leads to a resource extraction in large quantities which threatens the life of the planet and our lives. And did you know that there are wind turbines that can produce electricity in the northern parts of the world or that there is the possibility of extracting geothermal energy from the earth itself, and that the waves in the ocean can also be converted into electricity.

All these examples are some of the things that can be anywhere in the world and be developed to the extent that they will not be alternative sources, but main and foremost  ones, because this is infinite and clean energy that can and should be free for absolutely everyone. What do you say now, there is no money but there is electricity, which doesn’t need to be paid. Because it costs nothing and it’s not proprietary, it is for all. You will be able to run all appliances and you do not have to save electricity, all streets will be lit at night and so many things I know that your imagination can invent in addition.

Well what about the cars when there is no more oil. Quite simply, all cars will be electric and will also have solar cells and all cars will be common, that is - "free". But that"s not all, probably you did not know that long ago, water motor and magnetic motor were invented but this was ugly and cunningly hidden from people. And "why" - because oil is now the most powerful force in the world after the banks , vehicles are more than people, you can imagine how much fuel and how much money is made ​​in this business, capable of creating a fake war in Iraq for oil.

But war as business took over Afghanistan for opium etc. And if you do not know, any car can be driven with water, incredible but true. Now go to the nearest gas station and fill the tank up to the brim, to clear your head. And with respect to the magnetic motor, this is something that is used in aircraft that we call UFOs, actually owned by the governments of some countries, and they fly, not only what we call aliens.

These engines can be easily used in trains in tunnels and these completely ingenious engines have no fuel, which in a modern language will mean that they cost nothing as expense and resources for their passengers and therefore they should be free, especially when there is no money, such a term will sound a little strange. In addition we should say that such a train with such an engine will develop a speed of several thousand miles, namely around 2000, which will transport you to great distances, about an hour from London to Tokyo, for example.

There are many things that will improve our lives and make the world we are living in a better place for us and our children. Because even if people live well, they die and other people are born after them, so let the ones born afterwards have good memories of the dead ones and mention them with good.

Do you still believe that you want to be lied and manipulated and live in the world of money and chaos. Imagine that there are many tunnels, some of which are used for a faster and more secure transport than air transport, and another part for the transport of food and goods. Each not "country" but "district" will produce the best of what it can in compliance with its natural and climatic characteristics.

And there will be a completely free trade of goods and food in a network of such transport. That will provide food in all stores, which will be free. All people can shop for free according to their needs and no one will steal because everything will be common. You can’t steal from yourself, and why do it when you have everything in abundance.


This is only a fragment of the whole, which I am showing you, the world without a monetary system is not an illusion but something very real and feasible if we peoples are united and work together for a better world. We can achieve true freedom without middle class and any other "classes", we can have "everything" and pay nothing for it. Only if we wish it and do it together;



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